The Babes Project is rewriting the motherhood experience for women facing crisis pregnancy; The Babes Project establishes pregnancy support services and accommodation for women and children in the perinatal period, throughout Victoria.

The Babes Project believes that all women should have access to the information, support and understanding needed to make great decisions regarding the life of her and her child.


The Babes Project is involved in:

Pregnancy and Parenting Support Work which guides & informs women throughout their pregnancy and in the first year of their child’s life. This includes referrals to relevant external services & education, counseling, first aid class, cooking + nutrition class, material/practical needs, labour support, social groups and antenatal, postnatal + parenting information.

Advocacy for women to have access to all she needs to proceed with her pregnancy and beyond; ensuring best outcomes for her and her family. This includes The Babes Project engaging with the wider community to share stories and to begin discussion about how we can all work together when facing the topic of crisis pregnancy.

Developing safe spaces for women where she can learn, grow and develop. This includes Pregnancy Support Services and Accommodation.

If you are pregnant or know someone who is and would like some support from The Babes Project,
you can find more information on our Pregnancy Support page.

“I needed someone to help me, someone to care about my future and show me how to make great choices. When this was done for me, I felt valued, supported and like I could do anything; it was then that I knew I could be a great Mum.”

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